Onward and upward: Planning your PR and marketing for a new year

Onward and Upward.jpg

When I was brainstorming names for my business, I kept coming back to words that implied positive movement: onward, forward, elevate, propel. I landed on UPWARD. I like the emotion it evokes, and that it includes part of my last name is a bonus.

But the primary reason I chose this name is that it illustrates what businesses need to do with their public relations and marketing efforts to succeed in a marketplace that looks nothing like it did when I started in the industry in 1999.  

PR today has grown far beyond the press release, media alert and PSA. Now, there are multitudes of ways to share an organization’s message: social media, blogs, websites, e-newsletters, influencer relationships, and, of course, traditional media.

The line between PR and marketing continues to blur, and because of this having a succinct and achievable communications strategy has become even more important to an organization’s success.

Particularly a PR and marketing plan that answers the tough questions:

  • Who are we targeting for our business and why?

  • Where do we need to focus our efforts to connect with our target audiences?

  • How do we create the right content for these platforms?

  • How do we keep up with demand to post fresh and compelling content?

  • How should I respond to positive and negative comments and reviews?

  • And the big one: Do we have the resources and tactics in place to keep our brand moving UPWARD?

It’s that time of year when many organizations are planning for the next year. If you’d like assistance designing more effective communications strategies or getting better results within your budget, I’d be happy to discuss your goals.

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