Announcing new services for the new year: Tell your story throughout the U.S. and Canada


I am excited to announce that I am now offering clients new public relations services that are normally only available through large agencies.

Through sophisticated PR software I am now able to target media and influencers throughout the United States and Canada and strategically share clients’ stories with these services:

Targeted press release distributions to anywhere in the United States and Canada

The most successful way to get a press release in the Inbox of the right editors and reporters is to cull a researched media list in the market and industry you are targeting. Through a subscription database updated regularly, I target the editors, reporters and influencers in any region (big or small) and industry (B2B and B2C), who will have the most interest in your news.

Help A Reporter Out

The best way to get a reporter's attention is to help with a story he or she is already working on. HARO allows me to connect with journalists, who are looking for sources and ideas for content as they’re researching stories, and pitch my clients’ relevant expertise, services or products to the reporter.

Editorial calendar pitching

If there are specific outlets or industry publications you’d like to be featured in, pitching editors at the right time they’re planning content is key. Now I can research when target outlets will be writing about related client services or products and reach out to editors with client news as they’re planning stories and assigning reporters.

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about how these services can boost your public relations efforts.